Friday, January 9, 2009

Fit Friday Finale

Way back in October, October 17th to be exact, I started Missy's "Hot for the Holidays" challenge. It was a great opportunity to get my rear in gear and get the weight off. Remember my first post about it? I've got to tell you, it's been a great thing for me. Now I'm saying that I did well, but I'm just so happy with all the new bloggy friends I have made and the encouragement they have given me.

They say it take 3 months to start (or stop) a habit and I truly believe that this time doing Missy's challenge has allowed me to get in the habit of getting to the gym. I can totally tell when I don't go. I feel more sluggish, more tired and tend to munch more. I have made it a part of my routine to get to the gym. It's only an hour out of my day and I usually go while Maggie is in school, Max doesn't mind the daycare and so we are all happy. I have been going Monday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings on a regular basis now...and it's working for me. I have also been going to a few evening classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights if I can make it.

I don't really have any numbers to share with you. Since I never posted a starting number back in October it really wouldn't be of any consolation anyway. However, I do see a little more definition in my arms (not even close to what I want, but better) and my current clothes are feeling loose. When I started the 12-week challenge at Gold's Gym on 12/31 they took all my measurements. I will be measured again in 6-weeks, I am so looking forward to seeing some progress and sharing that with you!

Missy, Thanks again for starting this and keeping it going! And to all my friends doing this with me....I couldn't do it without you! Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement!

Maybe I'll post a picture when we start up with a new name next week!?!?!? (OMG - have I totally lost my mind?)


Sarah said...

Wow a 12 week challenge - good for you. Picture tell a lot for me - as you can see from my blog. I recommend taking them even if it's just for yourself, then when you're having a bad day go back and look at what you have accomplished - it's so worth it!

Growin' with it! said...

your rihanna song blared out when i first started reading and i couldn't think of a better *beat* on a topic like this! now i wanna get my booty movin'!

umm, i thought it took "30 days" to start a wonder i'm a failure. bwhaha.

good for you girl. and to keep going, well GREAT for you!

One More Equals Four said...

Great job! You are on the way! I have really got to get serious and dedicated, but I am trying!

Lisa said...

Good for you! Accountability is so helpful...sounds like you'll be getting more of that at the gym. Great way to start the new year!

Mari said...

Good for you! Our church just started a "Biggest Loser" class. We are trying to be healthy with a Biblical emphasis. We also have accountability partners which is good for me. Getting to the gym is a great habit.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I am so excited to continue this with you and all of the our other HFTH buddies. Way to go - I know it's such a great feeling when those clothes start feeling a little looser. :)